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The Balfour Declaration, 1917
Fourteen Points of President Woodrow Wilson, 1918
Kellogg-Briand Act, 1928
Declaration of War on Japan, 1941

President Roosevelt: A Day that Will Live in Infamy, 1941
The Atlantic Charter, 1941
Lend Lease Agreement between Great Britian and the United States, 1942
President Truman: Proclamation of Prayer to Honor End of War, May 8, 1945

The End of World War II: Japanese Surrender, September 2, 1945
The Potsdam Conference, 1945
Statues of International Court of Justice, 1945
President Truman's Proclamation of United Nations and International Court Justice, 1945
The Yalta Conference, 1945
Immigration into Palestine, 1946
United States Position on Palestine, 1947
The Partition of Palestine-Resolution of UN General Assembly, 1947
Independence of Israel, 1948
UN General Assembly, Permanent International Regime and Protection of Holy Sites in Israel, 1949
North Atlantic Treaty, 1949


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