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Instructions for the Virginia Colony, 1606
The First Virginia Charter, 1606  
The Second Virginia Charter, 1609  
The Third Virginia Charter, 1612  
Mayflower Compact, 1620  
Charter of New England (1620)
An Ordinance and Constitution of the Virginia Company in England for a Council of State and General Assembly, 24 July 1621  
Charter Of Massachusetts Bay, 1629
The Charter of Maryland (1632)
The Maryland Toleration Act, 1649  
Petition of Right, 1628  
The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut (1639)
Treaty of Westphalia (1648)
The Charter of Connecticut (1662)
Charter of Carolina (1663)
Charter of Rhode Island and Providnece Plantations (1663)
Second Charter of Carolina (1665)
First Thanksgiving Proclamation
Province of West New Jersey (1681)
Penn's Charter of Libertie (1682)
Frame of Government for Pennsylvania (May 1682)
Frame of Government for Pennsylvania (February 1683)
Frame of Government for Pennsylvania amd Her Territories (1696)
Edward Randolph Condemns the Massachussetts Bay Company, 12 June 1683  
Memoir for the Marquis de Seignelay Regarding the Dangers That Threaten Canada and the
Means to Remedy Them, January 1687
Penn's Plan for a Union, 1697

Charter of Delaware (1701)




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