Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae: New Opinions, Virtue, Nature, and Grace, With Regard to Americanism

Apostolicae Curae: On the Nullity of Anglican Orders; September 18, 1896

Militantis Ecclesiae: On St. Peter Canisius; August 1, 1897

Praeclara Gratulationis Publicae: The Reunion of Christendom; June 20, 1894

Graves de Communi Re: On Christian Democracy; January 18, 1901

Quod Multum: On the Liberty of the Church; August 22, 1886

Au Milieu Des Sollicitudes: On the Church and State in France; February 16, 1892

Sapientiae Christianae: On Christians as Citizens; January 10, 1890

Diuturnum: On the Origin of Civil Power; June 29, 1881

Immortale Dei: On the Christian Constitution of States; November 1, 1885

Grande Munus: On SS. Cyril and Methodius; September 30, 1880

Pastoralis Officii: On the Morality of Dueling; September 12, 1891

Spectata Fides: On Christain Education; November 27, 1885  

Auspicato Concessum: On St. Francis; September 17, 1882

Humanum Genus: On Freemasonry; April 20, 1884

Dall'alto Dell'Apostolico Seggio: On Freemasonry in Italy; October 15, 1890

Inimica Vis: On Freemasonry; To the Bishops of Italy; December 8, 1892

Custodi Di Quella Fede: On Freemasonry to the People of Italy;  December 8, 1892

Libertas: On the Nature of Human Liberty; June 20, 1888

Supremi Apostolatus Officio: On Devotion to the Rosary; September 1, 1883

Superiore Anno: The Recitation of the Rosary; August 30, 1884

Vi E Ben Noto: The Rosary and Public Life; September 20, 1887  

Octobri Mense: On the Rosary; September 22, 1891

Magnae Dei Matris: On the Rosary; September 8, 1892

Laetitatae Sanctae: Commending Devotion to the Rosary; September 8, 1893

Iucunda Semper Expectatione: On the Rosary; September 8, 1894

Adiutricem: On the Rosary; September 5, 1895

Fidentem Piumque Animum: On the Rosary; September 20, 1864

Diuturni Temporis: On the Rosary; September 5, 1898  

Affari Vos: On the Manitoba School Question; December 8, 1897

Quod Anniversarius: On His Sacredotal Jubilee; April 1, 1888

Annum Sacrum: Concentration to the Sacred Heart; May 25, 1899

Augustissimae Virginis Mariae: On the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary; September 12, 1897

In Ipso: On Episcopal Reunions in Austria; March 3, 1891

Officio Sanctissimo: On the Church in Bavaria; December 22, 1887

Saepe Nos: On Boycotting in Ireland; June 24, 1888

Licet Multa: On Catholics in Belgium; August 3, 1881

Litteras A Vobis:   On the Clergy in Brazil; July 2, 1894

Caitatis Studium: On the Church in Scotland; July 25, 1898

Magni Nobi: On the Catholic University of America; March 7, 1889

Noblissima Gallorum Gens: On the Religious Question in France; February 8, 1884

Quarto Abeunte Saeculo: On the Columbus Quadricentennial; July 16, 1892

In Plurimis: On the Abolition of Slavery; May 5, 1888

Catholicae Ecclesiae: On Slavery in the Missions; November 20, 1890

Quod Apostolici Muneris: On Socialism; December 28, 1878

In Amplissimo: On the Church in the United States; April 15, 1902

Inscrutabili Dei Consilio: On the Evils of Society; April 21, 1878  

Arcanum: On Christian Marriage; February 10, 1880

Quam Religiosa: On Civil Marriage Law to Bishops of Brazil, August 16, 1898

Dum Multa: On Marriage Legislation; December 24, 1902

Aeterni Patris: On the Restoration of Christian Philosophy; August 4, 1879

Omnibus Compertum: On Unity Among Greek Melchites; July 21, 1900

Depuis Le Jour: On the Education of the Clergy; September 8, 1899

Paternae: Education of Clergy; September 18, 1899

Fin Dal Principio: On the Education of the Clergy; December 8, 1902

Divinum Illud Munus: On the Holy Spirit; May 9, 1897

Christi Nomem: On the Propagation of the Faith in Eastern Churches; December 24, 1894

Libertas: On Human Liberty; June 20, 1888

Iampridem: On Catholicism in Germany; January 6, 1886

Gravissimas: Religious Orders in Portugal; May 16, 1901

Constanti Hungarorum: The Church in Hungary; September 2, 1893

Quam Aerumnosa: On Italian Immigrants; December 10, 1888

Insignes: On the Hungarian Millennium; May 1, 1896

Etsi Cunctas: The Church in Ireland; December 21, 1888

Etsi Nos: On Conditions in Italy; February 15, 1882

Quamquam Pluries: On Devotion to St. Joseph; August 15, 1889

Quad Auctoritate: Proclaiming an Extraordinary Jubilee; December 22, 1885

Mirae Caritatis: On the Holy Eucharist; May 28, 1902

Sancta Dei Civitas: On Mission Societies; December 3, 1880

Ad Extremas: On Seminaries for Native Clergy; June 24, 1893  

Permoti Nos: Social Conditions in Belgium; July 10, 1895

Qoud Votis: On the Proposed Catholic University; April 30, 1902

Pergrata: The Church in Portugal; September 14, 1886  

Pastoralis: On Religious Union; June 25, 1891

Reputantiubus: On the Language Question in Bohemia; August 20, 1901

Exeunte Iam Anno: On the Right Ordering of Christian Life; Decmber 25, 1888

Satis Cognitum: On the Unity of the Church; June 29, 1896

Spesse Volte: On the Supression of Catholic Institutions; August 5, 1898

Cum Multa: On Conditions in Spain; December 8, 1882

Tametsi Futura Prospicientibus: On Jesus Christ the Redeemer; November 1, 1900

Urbanitatis Veteris: On the Foundation of a Seminary in Athens; November 20, 1901


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