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Asia and Holy Land


    Baltic Lands Political 1000 AD
    Baltic Lands Political 1220
    Baltic Lands Political 1270
    Baltic Lands Political 1360
    Baltic Lands Political 1400
    Baltic Lands Political 1478
    Baltic Lands Political 1563
    Baltic Lands Political 1617
    Baltic Lands Political 1701
    Baltic Lands Political 1772
    Baltic Lands Political 1795
    Baltic Lands Political 1809
    Baltic Industrial Region


    Ancient Britannica
    Roman Britain 5th Century
    Political 550
    Political 584 
    Settlement Angles, Saxons, and Jutes 600 
    Political 626
    Political 878
    Political 1065 London England 
    Political Showing French Possessions 1087
     Roman Britain 410
    Scotland 13th Century 
    Ecclesiastical Map of British Isles 
    Rural Deaneries and Religious Houses 
    England and Wales in the 14th Century
    English First Campaign in France 15th Cent.
    Battle of Edgehill 1642
    Battle of Marstoon Moor 1644
    17th Military Campaigns in Western England
    Ireland, Battle of Boyne 1690
    West Ireland 1691
    Glencoe 1691
    Political England and Wales 1660 to 1892
    Wales and England 17th to 19th Centuries
    British Colonies in America 18th Century
    Plan of the Battle of Waterloo19th Century
    British Isles Topography early 20th Century


    Central Europe Political 1360
    Central Europe Political 1460
    Central Europe Political 1555
    Central Europe Political 1660
    Central Europe Political 1780
    Central Europe Political 1801
    Central Europe Political 1810
    Central Europe Political 1815
    Central Europe Political 1860


    12th Century Crusader States in Syria
    Kingdom of the Khalifs of Cairo
    The 2nd and 3rd Crusades
    Fourth and Later Crusades
    Jerusalem at the time of the Crusades
    Era of the Crusades Political


    Southeast Europe Political 910
    Eastern Roman Empire in the 10th Century
    Southeast Europe Political 1000
    Southeast Europe Political 1040
    Southeast Europe Political 1105
    Southeast Europe Political 1180
    Southeast Europe Political 1210
    Southeast Europe Political 1340
    Southeast Europe Political 1354 to 1358
    Southeast Europe Political 1401
    Southeast Europe Political 1444
    Southeast Europe Political 1464
    Southeast Europe Political 1672
    Southeast Europe Political 1700
    Southeast Europe Political 1727
    City of Prague 1858
    Southeast Europe Political 1861
    Empires, Countries, Territories 1878
    Southeast Europe Political 1881


    Roman Empire 1 Cent
    Ancient Germania
    5th Century Europe
    6th Century Europe
    7th Century Europe
    9th Century Europe 
    West Empire 843
    West Empire 870
    West Empire 887*
    10th Century Europe
    12th Century Europe
    14th Century Europe
    16th Century Europe
    Medieval Manor
    Medieval Paris
    Map of Medieval Commerce
    Medieval Universities
    Europe 16th Century Political
    Military 1618 to 1660
    Peace of Westphalia 1648
    Colonization 1600 to 1700
    European Areas Connected with America
    Colonization: Spread European Languages 
    Europe Political Early 19th Century
    Europe Political 1815
    Northern Europe 1945
    Vatican City


    Frankish Dominions in the 6th Century
    8th Century France:TreatiesV
    France and Burgundy in the 11th Century
    Angevin Kingdom of France 12 Century
    14th Century France
    The French Monarchy to 100 Years War
    France in 1453
    Boundary of France 1555 - 1871
    Paris 1866
    Treaty Pyrenees
    France and England Peace of Bretigny
    France under Charles Martel 


    Ancient Germany
    German Kingdoms, 486
    Germany under Frederick Barbarossa
    Kingdom of Germany in 10th Century 
    Treaty Westphalia
    German Empire 1700s
    Munich with Important Buildings 1858
    City of Nuremberg 1858

Greece and Rome

    Beginnings of Greece 600-700 B.C.   
    Area Map of Rome First Century AD
    Imperial Forum
    Republican Forum
    Roman Suburbicarian
    Hellas and Peloponneseus
    Eastern Roman Empire in 10th Century
    City of Rome in the Middle Ages


    City of Dublin 1610-1896
    Ireland, Political 1808


    Italy in the 11th Century
    Italy in the 12th Century
    Italy, Political, and Topographical 1494
    City of Milano 1494
    Italy in the 15th and early 16th Centuries
    Italy, Political, and Topographical 1849
    Italy Territorial Divisions1882
    City of Firenze 1913
    City of Genova 1913
    City of Torino 1913
    City of Venezia 1913*
    City of Verona 1913 
    Italy Invasion WWII, 1943
    Italy Strategy WWII 1944
    Apennines Operation Encore WWII 1945
    Apennines Gothic Line WWII 1944
    Apennines Imola Thrust WWII 1944
    Apennines Attack Livergnono WWII 1944
    Po Valley Spring WWII 1945


    Mediterranean Sea, Political B.C. 1884
    Corsica, Political 1894
    Sicily Assault, WWII 1943
    Sicily Fight, WWII 1943 


    The Low Countries in the 15th Century
    Netherlands, Political 1559-1609


    Russian Empire, Political 1820
    Aral Sea, Political 1853
    Area Map of 19th Century Russian Empire
    Russia in Europe, Political*
    City of Stalinbad, Topographical
    City of Vladivostok 
    City of Leningrad
    Land Use Map
    Autonomous Russian Republics
    Russian Ethnic Republics


    Scotland 1808, Political


    Spanish Kingdoms, Political 1030  
    Spanish Kingdoms, Political 1210
    13th Century Spanish Kingdoms
    Spanish Kingdoms, Political 1360
    15th Century Spanish Kingdoms
    Spanish Kingdoms Under Charles the Fifth
    St. Mary Azores, Political,Topo 1845
    St. Michael Azores, Political 1845 
    Spain & Portugal, Political 1917


    Sweden Political 1524*
    Henseatic League


    Swiss Confederation Political 1291-1513

World Maps

    Size by Gross Domestic Product
    World's Tallest Buildings Early 20th Century
    Gross Domestic Product Per Capita
    Area Map of the World