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Pope Clement XI (1700-21)   TOP

Unigenitus: Errors of Paschasius Quesnel; September 8, 1713

Pope Benedict XIV (1740-58)    TOP

Quanta Cura: Forbidding Traffic in Alms; June 30, 1741

Ubi Primum: On the Duties of Bishops; December 3, 1740

Nimiam Licentiam: On Validity of Marriages; May 18, 1743

Vix Pervenit: On Usury and Dishonest Profit; November 1, 1745

Magnae Nobis: Marriage Impediments and Dispensations; June 29, 1748

Peregrinantes: Proclaiming a Holy Year for 1750; May 5, 1749  

Preparation for the Holy Year: Apostolic Constitution; June 26, 1749

A Quo Primum: On Jews and Christians Living in the Same Place; Juen 14, 1751

Allatae Sunt: Observance of Oriental Rites; July 26, 1755

Cum Religiosi: On Catechesis; June 26, 1754  

Quod Provinciale: On Christians Using Mohammedan Names; August 1, 1754

Ex Quo: On the Euchologion; March 1, 1756

Ex Omnibus: On the Apostolic Constitution; October 16, 1756

Pope Clement XIII (1758-69)   TOP

A Quo Die: On Unity Among Christians; September 13, 1758

Cum Primum: Observing Canonical Sanctions; September 17, 1759

Appetente Sacro: On the Spritual Advantages of fasting; December 20, 1759

In Dominicio Agro: On Instruction in the Faith; June 14, 1761

Christianae Reipublicae: On the Danger of Anti-Christian Writings; November 25, 1766

Summa Quae: On the Church in Poland; January 6, 1768

Pope Pius VI (1775-99)   TOP

Inscrutabile: On the Problems of the Pontificate December 25, 1775

Charitas: On the Civil Oath in France; April 13, 1791

Pope Pius VII (1800-23)   TOP

Diu Satis: On a Return to Gospel Principles; May 15, 1800

Pope Gregory XVI (1831-46)   TOP

Summo Iugiter Studio: On Mixed Marriages; May 27, 1832

Cum Primum: On Civil Obedience: June 9, 1832

Mirari Vos: On Liberalism; August 15, 1832

Quo Graviora: On the Pragmatic Constitution; October 4, 1833  

Singulari Nos: On the Errors of Lammenais; June 25, 1834

Commissum Divinitus: On Church and State; May 17, 1835

Probe Nostis: Propagation of the Faith; September 18, 1840

Quas Vestro: On Mixed Marriages; April 30, 1841

Inter Praecipuas: On Biblical Societies; May 8, 1844

In Supremo Apostolatus: Apostolic Letter Condemning Slave Trade

Venerable Pope Pius IX (1846-78)   TOP

Saepe Venerabiles Fratres: Thanksgiving for 25 Years; August 5, 1871

Beneficia Dei: Twenth-Fifth Anniversary; June 4, 1871

Levate: Afflictions of Church; October 27, 1867

Praedecessores Nostros: Aid for Ireland; March 25, 1847

Quartus Supra: On the Church in Armenia; January 6, 1873  

Neminem Vestrum: On the Persecution of Armenians; February 2, 1854

Amantissimus: On the Care of the Churches; April 8, 1862

Cum Nuper Amant: On Care for Clerics; January 20, 1858

Singulari Quidem: On the Church in Austria; March 17, 1856

Maximae Quidem: On the Church in bavaria; August 18, 1864

Quae In Patriarchatu: On the Church in Chaldea; November 16, 1872

Etsi Multa: On the Church in Italy, Germany, and Switzerland; November 21, 1873

Quod Nunquam: On the Church in Prussia; February 5, 1875

Graves Ac Diuturnae: On the Church in Switzerland; March 23, 1875  

Nullis Certe Verbis: On the Need for Civil Sovereignty; January 19, 1860

Quanta Cura: Condemning Current Errors; December 8, 1864

Nemo Certe Ignorat: On Discipline for Clergy; March 25, 1852

Probe Noscitis Venerabiles: On the Discipline for the Clergy; May 17, 1852

Ubi Primum: On Discipline for Religious; June 17, 1847

Ubi Primum: On the Immaculate Conception; February 2, 1849

Ineffabilis Deus: The Immaculate Conception; Apostolic Constitution; December 8, 1854

Optime Noscitis: On Episcopal Meetings; November 5, 1855

Qui Pluribus: On Faith and Religion; November 9, 1846  

Quanto Conficiamur Moerore: On Promotion of False Doctrines; August 10, 1863

Omnem Sollicitudinem: On the Greek-Ruthenian Rite; May 13, 1874

Exultavit Cor Nostrum: On the Effects of the Jubilee; November 21, 1851  

Gravibus Ecclesiae: Proclaiming a Jubilee; December 24, 1874  

Respicentes: Protesting the Taking of the Pontifical States; November 1, 1870

Incredibili: On Persecution in Grenada; September 17, 1863

Cum Sancta Mater Ecclesia: Pleading for Public Prayer; April 27, 1859

Inter Multiplices: Pleading for Unity of Spirit; March 21, 1853

Nostis Et Nobiscum: On the Church in the Pontifical States; December 8, 1849

Qui Nuper: On Pontifical States; June 18, 1859

Ubi Nos: On Pontifical States; May 15, 1871  

Apostolicae Nostrae Caritatis: Urging Prayers for peace; August 1, 1854

Meridonali Americae: On the Seminary for Native Clergy; September 30, 1865

The Syllabus of Errors

Optime Noscitis: On the Proposed Catholic University of Ireland; March 20, 1854

Pope Leo XIII (1878-1903)   TOP

Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae: New Opinions, Virtue, Nature, and Grace, With Regard to Americanism

Apostolicae Curae: On the Nullity of Anglican Orders; September 18, 1896

Militantis Ecclesiae: On St. Peter Canisius; August 1, 1897

Praeclara Gratulationis Publicae: The Reunion of Christendom; June 20, 1894

Graves de Communi Re: On Christian Democracy; January 18, 1901

Quod Multum: On the Liberty of the Church; August 22, 1886

Au Milieu Des Sollicitudes: On the Church and State in France; February 16, 1892

Sapientiae Christianae: On Christians as Citizens; January 10, 1890

Diuturnum: On the Origin of Civil Power; June 29, 1881

Immortale Dei: On the Christian Constitution of States; November 1, 1885

Grande Munus: On SS. Cyril and Methodius; September 30, 1880

Pastoralis Officii: On the Morality of Dueling; September 12, 1891

Spectata Fides: On Christain Education; November 27, 1885  

Auspicato Concessum: On St. Francis; September 17, 1882

Humanum Genus: On Freemasonry; April 20, 1884

Dall'alto Dell'Apostolico Seggio: On Freemasonry in Italy; October 15, 1890

Inimica Vis: On Freemasonry; To the Bishops of Italy; December 8, 1892

Custodi Di Quella Fede: On Freemasonry to the People of Italy;  December 8, 1892

Libertas: On the Nature of Human Liberty; June 20, 1888

Supremi Apostolatus Officio: On Devotion to the Rosary; September 1, 1883

Superiore Anno: The Recitation of the Rosary; August 30, 1884

Vi E Ben Noto: The Rosary and Public Life; September 20, 1887  

Octobri Mense: On the Rosary; September 22, 1891

Magnae Dei Matris: On the Rosary; September 8, 1892

Laetitatae Sanctae: Commending Devotion to the Rosary; September 8, 1893

Iucunda Semper Expectatione: On the Rosary; September 8, 1894

Adiutricem: On the Rosary; September 5, 1895

Fidentem Piumque Animum: On the Rosary; September 20, 1864

Diuturni Temporis: On the Rosary; September 5, 1898  

Affari Vos: On the Manitoba School Question; December 8, 1897

Quod Anniversarius: On His Sacredotal Jubilee; April 1, 1888

Annum Sacrum: Concentration to the Sacred Heart; May 25, 1899

Augustissimae Virginis Mariae: On the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary; September 12, 1897

In Ipso: On Episcopal Reunions in Austria; March 3, 1891

Officio Sanctissimo: On the Church in Bavaria; December 22, 1887

Saepe Nos: On Boycotting in Ireland; June 24, 1888

Licet Multa: On Catholics in Belgium; August 3, 1881

Litteras A Vobis:   On the Clergy in Brazil; July 2, 1894

Caitatis Studium: On the Church in Scotland; July 25, 1898

Magni Nobi: On the Catholic University of America; March 7, 1889

Noblissima Gallorum Gens: On the Religious Question in France; February 8, 1884

Quarto Abeunte Saeculo: On the Columbus Quadricentennial; July 16, 1892

In Plurimis: On the Abolition of Slavery; May 5, 1888

Catholicae Ecclesiae: On Slavery in the Missions; November 20, 1890

Quod Apostolici Muneris: On Socialism; December 28, 1878

In Amplissimo: On the Church in the United States; April 15, 1902

Inscrutabili Dei Consilio: On the Evils of Society; April 21, 1878  

Arcanum: On Christian Marriage; February 10, 1880

Quam Religiosa: On Civil Marriage Law to Bishops of Brazil, August 16, 1898

Dum Multa: On Marriage Legislation; December 24, 1902

Aeterni Patris: On the Restoration of Christian Philosophy; August 4, 1879

Omnibus Compertum: On Unity Among Greek Melchites; July 21, 1900

Depuis Le Jour: On the Education of the Clergy; September 8, 1899

Paternae: Education of Clergy; September 18, 1899

Fin Dal Principio: On the Education of the Clergy; December 8, 1902

Divinum Illud Munus: On the Holy Spirit; May 9, 1897

Christi Nomem: On the Propagation of the Faith in Eastern Churches; December 24, 1894

Libertas: On Human Liberty; June 20, 1888

Iampridem: On Catholicism in Germany; January 6, 1886

Gravissimas: Religious Orders in Portugal; May 16, 1901

Constanti Hungarorum: The Church in Hungary; September 2, 1893

Quam Aerumnosa: On Italian Immigrants; December 10, 1888

Insignes: On the Hungarian Millennium; May 1, 1896

Etsi Cunctas: The Church in Ireland; December 21, 1888

Etsi Nos: On Conditions in Italy; February 15, 1882

Quamquam Pluries: On Devotion to St. Joseph; August 15, 1889

Quad Auctoritate: Proclaiming an Extraordinary Jubilee; December 22, 1885

Mirae Caritatis: On the Holy Eucharist; May 28, 1902

Sancta Dei Civitas: On Mission Societies; December 3, 1880

Ad Extremas: On Seminaries for Native Clergy; June 24, 1893  

Permoti Nos: Social Conditions in Belgium; July 10, 1895

Qoud Votis: On the Proposed Catholic University; April 30, 1902

Pergrata: The Church in Portugal; September 14, 1886  

Pastoralis: On Religious Union; June 25, 1891

Reputantiubus: On the Language Question in Bohemia; August 20, 1901

Exeunte Iam Anno: On the Right Ordering of Christian Life; Decmber 25, 1888

Satis Cognitum: On the Unity of the Church; June 29, 1896

Spesse Volte: On the Supression of Catholic Institutions; August 5, 1898

Cum Multa: On Conditions in Spain; December 8, 1882

Tametsi Futura Prospicientibus: On Jesus Christ the Redeemer; November 1, 1900

Urbanitatis Veteris: On the Foundation of a Seminary in Athens; November 20, 1901

Pope St. Pius X (1903-14)   TOP

E Supremi: On the Restoration of all Things in Christ; October 4, 1903

Ad Diem Iucunda Sane: On Pope Gregory The Great; March 12, 1904

Ad Diem Illum Laetissimum: On The Immaculate Conception; February 2, 1904  

Fiftieth Anniversary of Immaculate Conception: Portions Allocution; December 12, 1904

Acerbo Nimis: On Teaching Christian Doctrine; April 15, 1905

Il Fermo Proposito: On Catholic Action in Italy; June 11, 1905

Tribus Circiter: On the Mystic Priests of Poland; April 5, 1906

Pieni L'Animo: On the Clergy in Italy; July 28, 1906  

Gravissimo Officii Munere: On French Associations of Worship; August 10, 1906

Vehementer Nos: On the French Law of Separation; February 11, 1906

Une Fois Encore: On the Separation of Church and State; January 6, 1907

Lamentabili Sane: Syllabus Condemning Modern Errors; July 3, 1907

Lamenta Pascendi Dominici Gregis: On the Doctrine of the Modernists; September 8, 1907

Praestantia Scripturae: Motu Proprio; Censures Against Those Who Neglect Prescriptions Against Modernists; November 18, 1907

Haerent Animo: On Priestly Sanctity; Apostolic Exhortation; August 4, 1908

Communium Rerum: On St. Anselm; April 21, 1909

Editae Saepe: On St. Charles Borromeo; May 26, 1910  

Quam Singulari: On the Sacrament of First Communion; August 8, 1910

The Oath Against Modernism: September 1, 1910

Iamdudum: The Law of Separation in Portugal; May 24, 1911

Lacrimabili Statu: On the Indians of South America; June 7, 1912

Singulari Quadam: On Labor Organizations: September 24, 1912

Pope Benedict XV (1914-22)   TOP

Adbeatissimi Apostolorum:   Appealing for Peace; November 1, 1914

Humani Generis Redmptionem:   On Preaching the Word of God; June 15, 1917

Quod Iam Diu: On the Future Peace Conference;  December 1, 1918

In Hac Tanta: On St. Boniface; May 14, 1919

Paterno Iam Diu: On the Children of Central Europe,  November 24, 1919

Pacem, Dei Munus Pulcherrimum: On Peace and Christian Reconciliation; May 23, 1920

Spiritus Paraclitus: On St. Jerome; September 15, 1920

Principi Apostolorum Petro: On St. Ephrem the Syrian; October 5, 1920

Annus Iam Plenus:   On Children of Central Europe; December 1, 1920

Sacra Propediem: On the Third Order of St. Francis;  January 6, 1921

In Praeclara Summorum: On Dante; April 30, 1921

Fausto Appetente Die: On St. Dominic; June 29, 1921

Pope Pius XI (1922-39)   TOP

Non Abbiamo Bisogno: On Catholic Action in Italy; June 29, 1931

Studiorum Ducem: On St. Thomas Aquinas; June 29, 1923

Divini Redemptoris: On Atheistic Communism; March 19, 1937

Ad Salutem: On St. Augustine; April 30, 1930

Rerum Ecclesiae: On Catholic Missions; February 8, 1926

Quas Primas: On the Feast Christ the King; December 11, 1925

Reppresentanti in Terra: On Christian Education; December 31, 1929

Mit Brennender Sorge: On the Church and the German Reich; March 14, 1937  

Nova Impendet: On the Economic Crisis; October 2, 1931

Lux Veritatis: On the Council of Ephesus; December 25, 1931

Rite Expiatis: On St. Francis of Assisi; April 13, 1926

Rerum Omnium Perturbationem: St. Francis de Sales; January 26, 1923

Maximam Gravissmamque: On French Diocesan Associations; January 18, 1924

Ecclesiam Dei: On St. Josaphat; November 12, 1923

Casti Connubii: On Christain Marriage; December 31, 1930  

Vigilanti Cura: On Motion Pictures; June 29, 1936  

Dilectissima Nobis: On Oppression of the Church of Spain; June 3, 1933

Rerum Orientalium: On the Promtion of Oriental Studies; September 8, 1928

Ubi Arcano Dei Consilio: On the Peace of Christ in His Kingdom; December 23, 1922

Iniquis Afflictisque: On the Persecution of the Church in Mexico: November 18, 1926

Acerba Animi: On Persecution of the Church in Mexico; September 29, 1932

Mortalium Animos: On Religious Unity; January 6, 1928

Ad Catholici Sacredotii: On the Catholic Priesthood; December 20, 1935  

Ingravescentibus Malis: On the Rosary; September 29, 1937

Caritate Christi Compuls: On the Sacred Heart; May 3, 1932

Miserentissimus Redemptor: On Reparation to the sacred Heart; May 8, 1928

Quinquagesimo Ante: On His Sacredotal Jubilee; December 23, 1929

Mens Nostra: The Promotion of the Spiritual Exercises; December 20, 1929

Pope Pius XII (1939-58)   TOP

Counsel to Teaching Sisters: September 15, 1951

Invicit Athletae: On St. Andrew Bobola, Athlete of Christ; May 16, 1957

The Function of Art: Address to Italian Artists; April 8, 1952

Deiparae Virginis Mariae: Should the Assumption be Defined as Dogma? May 1, 1946

Munificentissimus Deus: The Dogma of the Assumption; November 1, 1950

Anni Sacri: A Program for Combating Athesitic Communism; March 12, 1950

Fulgens Radiatur: On St. Benedict; March 21, 1947

Doctor Mellifluus: On St. Bernard of Clairvaux, Last of the Fathers; May 24, 1953

Mystici Corporis Christi: On the Mystical Body of Christ; June 29, 1943

Ecclesiae Fastos: On St. Boniface; June 5, 1954

Ad Sinarum Gentem: On the Supernationality of the Church; October 7, 1954

Miranda Prorsus: On the Communications Field; September 8, 1957  

Ad Apostolorum Principis: On Communism and the Church in China; June 29, 1958

Sempiternus Rex Christus: On the Council of Chalcedon; September 8, 1951

Mirabile Illud: Crusade for Prayer and Peace; December 6, 1950

Orientalis Ecclesiae: On St. Cyril, Patriarch of Alexandria; April 9, 1944

Democracy and a Lasting Peace: Christmas Message 1944

Quemadmodum: Pleading for The Care of Destitute Children; January 6, 1946

Christus Dominus: Discipline Concerning the Eucharistic Fast; January 6, 1953

Menti Nostrae: Apostolic Exhortation to the Clergy of the Entire World; September 23, 1960

Humani Generis: False Opinions Threatening to Undermine Catholic Doctrine; August 12, 1950

Sacram Communionem: On Laws of Fasting and the Evening Mass; March 19, 1957

Sertum Laetitiae: On the 150th Anniversary of the Hierarchy in the US; November 1, 1939

Datis Nuperrime: Lamenting Events in Hungary; November 5, 1956

Guiding Principles of the Lay Apostolate: Address to World Congress of Lay Apostolate; October 5, 1957

Fulgens Corona: Commemorating the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception; September 8, 1953

Ad Caeli Reginam: Proclaiming the Queenship of Mary; October 11, 1954

Le Pelerinage de Lourdes: Warning Against Materialism; July 2, 1957

Communium Interpretes Doloraum: April 15, 1954  

Fidei Donum: The Condition of Catholic Missions, Especially in Africa: April 21, 1957

Evangelii Praecones: Promotion of Catholic Missions; June 2, 1951

The Moral Limits of Medical Research: Address International Congress Histopthology of Nervous System

The Internal Order of States and People: Christmas Message, 1942

Redemptoris Nostri Cruciatus: The Holy Places in Palestine; April 15, 1949

Luctuosissimi Eventus: Urging Prayers for Peace in Hungary; October 28, 1956

Auspica Quaedam: Prayers for World Peace and Solution to Problems in Palestine; May 1, 1948

In Multiplicibus Curis: On Prayer for Peace in Palestine; October 24, 1948

Laetamur Admodum: Prayer for Peace for Poland, Hungary, and Middle East; November 1, 1956

Summi Maeroris: Public Prayers for Peace; July 18, 1950

The States of Perfection: Address to the General Congress of the States of Perfection; December 12, 1957

Meminisse Iuvat: Prayers for the Persecuted Church: July 14, 1958

Orientales Ecclesias: On the Persecuted Eastern Church; December 15, 1952

The Pope Speaks to Farmers on Rural Life: November 15, 1946

Saeculo Exeunte Octavo: 800 Years of Independence for Portugal; June 13, 1940

Proofs for God's Existence: Address to Pontifical Academy of Science; November 22, 1951  

Applied Psychology: Address to International Association of Applied Psychology; April 10, 1958

On Psychotherapy and Religion: Address to International Congress on Psychotherapy, April 13, 1953

Orientales Omnes Ecclesias: 300th Anniversary Reunion Between Ruthenian Church and Holy See: December 23, 1945

Haurietas Aquas: On Devotion to the Sacred Heart; May 15, 1956

Mediator Dei: On Sacred Liturgy; November 20, 1947

Musicae Sacrae: On Sacred Music; December 25, 1955

Divino Afflante Spiritu: On Sacred Scripture; September 30, 1943

St. Diligis and Canonisation of St. Pius X: Allocution; May 31, 1954

Summi Pontificatus: On the Unity of Human Society; October 20, 1939

Sacra Virginatas: On Consecrated Virginity: March 25, 1954

Papal Directives for Modern Women: Allocution to the International Congress of Catholic Women's Leagues; September 11, 1947

Pope John XXIII   (1958-63)   TOP

Ad Petri Cathedram ; June 29, 1959

Sacerdotii Nostri Primordia ; August 1, 1959

Grata Recordatio; September 26, 1959

Princeps Pastorum ; November 28, 1959

Mater et Magistra ; May 15, 1961

Aeterna Dei Sapientia ;  November 11, 1961

Paenitentiam Agere ; July 1, 1962

Pope Paul VI (1963-78)   TOP

Pastorale Munus: Powers and Privileges Granted to Bishops; Motu Proprie; November 30, 1963

Sacram Liturgiam: On the Sacred Liturgy; Motu Proprio; January 25, 1964

Address to Religious Orders and Congregations: May 23, 1964

Ecclesiam Suam: Paths of the Church; August 6, 1964

Mense Maio: On the Celebration of the First of May; April 30, 1965

Mysterium Fidei: Mystery of Faith; September 3, 1965

Address During Last General Meeting of Vatican II: December 7, 1965  

Closing Speech at The Second Vatican Council: December 8, 1965

Voi Forse Sapete: General Audience on The Nature of the Church; June, 1966

Ecclesiae Sanctae: Motu Proprio; Implementing Council Decrees; August 6, 1966

Christi Matri: On the Rosary; September 15, 1966

Paenitemini: Apostolic Constitution on Penance; February 17, 1966

Indulgentiarum Doctrina: Apostolic Constitution on Indulgences; January 1, 1967  

Sacredotalis Caelibatus: Celibacy of the Priest; June 24, 1967

Signum Magnum: The Great Sign; Letter to all Catholic Bishops; May 13, 1967

Sacrum Diaconatus Ordinem: Norms for Restoring Permanent Diaconate; Motu Proprio; June 18, 1967

Credo of the People of God:   June 30, 1968

Humanae Vitae: On Human Life; July   25, 1968

Missale Romanum: Prolmugation of the Revised Roman Missal; April 3, 1969

General Catechetical Directory: Sacred Congregation of the Clergy; April 11, 1971

On the Renewal of the Religious Life: Apostolic Exhortation; June 29, 1971

On Confronting the Devil's Power: General Audience; November 15, 1972

Pastoral Norms for Administering General Absolution ; June 16, 1972

Anointing the Sick: November 30, 1972 (Apostolic Constitution)  

Marialis Cultus: True Devotion to Mary; Apostolic Exhortation; February 2, 1974

Gaudete in Domino: On Christian Joy; Apostolic Exhortation; May 9, 1975

Election of the Roman Pontiff: Apostolic Constitution; October 1, 1975

Evangelii Nuntiandi: On Evangelization in the Modern World; December 8, 1975

Inter Insigniores: Female Ordiantion; Sacred Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith; October 15, 1976

Pope John Paul II (1978-2005)    TOP

Redemptor Hominis: Redeemer of Man; March 4, 1979

Dominicae Cenae: On the Mystery and Worship of the Eucharist; February 24, 1980

Freedom of Conscience and of Religion: September 1, 1980

Dives In Misericordia: Rich in Mercy; November 30, 1980

Laborem Exercens: On Human Work; September 14, 1981

On The Cure' of Ars: Holy Thursday 1986

Augustinum Hipponsem: St. Augustine of Hippo; August 28, 1986

Dominum et Vivificantem: Lord and Giver of Life; May 18, 1986

Sollicitudo Rei Socialis: On the Social Teaching of the Church; December 30, 1987

To the Priests: Holy Thursday 1988

Christifideles Laici: Vocation and Mission of Lay Faithful in Church and World; December 30 1988

Mie Pericolarmente: On the Catholic Universities and Institutions of Higher Learning; April 25, 1989

Redemptoris Custos: Guardian of the Redeemer; August 15, 1989

Redemptoris Missio: Permanent Validity of the Church's Missionary Mandate; December 7, 1990

Centesimus Annus: On the Hundredth Anniversary or Rerum Novarum May 1, 1991.

Combating Abortion and Euthanasia: May 19, 1991 

Veritatis Splendor: The Splendor of the Truth; August 6, 1993

Ut unum Sint: That They May be One; May 25, 1995

The Artist: Image of God and Creator 1999

Redemptoris Mater: Mother of the Redeemer 

Evangelium Vitae: On the Value and Inviolability of Human Life

Familaris Consortio: Regarding the Role of the Christian Family in the Modern World

Slavorum Apostoli: Commemoration of Evangelizing Work of Saints Cyril and Methodius

Fides et Ratio: On the Relationship Between Faith and Reason



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