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THEO 1213 The Annals of Christendom (3)

Through the witness of the apostles, fathers and martyrs of the church, pagan Rome adopted the Christian faith before the fourth century was over. In this course, students will study the early development of the church, its encounter with pagan Rome and then with barbaric Europe and ultimately with its flourishing in the High Middle Ages. Theology is learned from primary historical documents including ecumenical councils, fathers, doctors and church historians and saints of the Greatest Books taught against the background of The History of the Catholic Church by Msgr. Phillip Hughes and the Ecclesiastical History of Eusebius.



The Annals of Catholicism:
   Ecumenical Councils
   Papal Encyclicals

Msgr. Phillip Hughes: History of the Catholic Church and History of the Councils (excerpts)

Eusebius: Ecclesiastical History (Excerpts Books V-X)

St. Benedict: The Rule
Basil the Great: De Spiritu Sancto, Hexameron (excerpts)
Saint Athanasius: (selected excerpts)
St. John Chrysostom: (selected excerpts)
St. Ambrose: Concerning Repentance
St. Justin Martyr: Apology for Christians
St. Albert the Great (selected excerpts)
St. Gregory the Great: The Pastoral Rule
St. Thomas Aquinas: Excerpts from Summa and elsewhere
St. Augustine: Confessions
St. Bonaventure: The Mind's Road to God
The Golden Legend (Following Liturgical Calendar)

Second Section of the New Catechism: Liturgy and Sacraments