"I am convinced that once again and for a long time it will be given to the new generations to draw from the riches that this Council of the 20th century has lavished. As a Bishop who has participated in the conciliar event from the first to the last day, I wish to entrust this great treasure to all those who are or will be in the future called to realize it".

Last Will and Testament of Saint John Paul II


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THEO 2213 Vatican II Personalism and New Evangelization (3)

This is the keystone course of the theology curriculum. It provides the basis for understanding the relationship among Trinitarian theology, Personalism and Vatican Council II. Emphasis is placed on the ineffable greatness of God's Mercy and the universal call to personal and communal holiness as members of the Body of Christ in the mystery of the Holy Trinity.

Vatican II Personalism and the New Evangelization combines the Message of Mercy and the study of union and communion that is the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Ghost) as the genesis of evangelization and culmination of personal and communal history in solidarity of truth and love.



The Annals of Catholicism:
Vatican Council II

Saint Thomas Aquinas
Treatise on God

Saint John Paul II:
The Acting Person
Dives in Misericordia (Rich in Mercy)
New Catechism Part Four Prayer and Christian Life