Includes Book, Videos, Author's Notes & Online Self-Grading Quizzes)

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 WEEK ONE: What is Man? Chemistry-Biology-Philosophy

            CHAPTER ONE: Chemistry, Biology, and the Origin of Life
            CHAPTER TWO: Relationship of Soul and DNA (Life, Matter, and Intelligence)   

 WEEK TWO : Animal "Sentient Thinking"

            CHAPTER THREE; Matter, Life, Form, DNA and “Sentient Thinking
            CHAPTER FOUR: A Look at Darwin and His Successors

    Lecture II Video: What is Man? Part II: Aristotle on the Soul (30 min.)

    Online Quiz

    Lecture III Video: What is Man? Part II: Aristotle versus Darwin (30 min.)

    Online Quiz

    Power Point Notes: Difference of Kind
    Power Point Notes: Darwin's "Proofs"


 WEEK THREE : Human Rational Thinking

            CHAPTER FIVE; Rational Thought: The Fundamental Difference of Kind
            CHAPTER SIX: Language and Thinking

    Lecture IV Video: What is Man? Symbolic Language and Rational Thought (30 min.)


    Power Point Notes: Animal Language
    Power Point Notes: Rational Thought and Auxillary Differences of Kind
    Power Point Notes: Spiritual Nature of Soul
    Power Point Notes: Various Levels of Rational Thinking
    Power Point Notes: The Case of Helen Keller as Proof that Animals do not Think Rationally

 WEEK FOUR : The Holy Trinity

            CHAPTER SEVEN: Image of God in Man and the Procession of the Son
            CHAPTER EIGHT: The Holy Spirit and Trinitarian Perfection

    Video Discussion with Anne Lassiter and James O'Brian: What is Man? (30 min.)

    Online Quiz

 WEEK FIVE : The Trinitarian Nature of Man and Woman

            CHAPTER NINE: Trinitarian Imprint in the Human Body and Soul